Fitrocks: If Fred Flinstone Had A Home Gym, This Would Be His Equipment


We already know just from looking at his physique that Fred Flinstone doesn’t lift. I mean, he barely has any muscle mass lying underneath all that fat. If he did get into weights training, however, we’ll bet his gym equipment looks an awful lot like Fitrock’s lineup of weightlifting gear.

Just like the stuff you have over at your gym, you can use any of these equipment to perform a proper resistance training workout. Unlike regular equipment that uses iron to provide the weight, thought, these things use rocks, making for just the kind of gear you can find in a fictional gym established back in the Stone Age.


Fitrocks’ lineup consists of dumbbells, kettlebells, clubbells, gripbells, ropebells, and a roller. Both the dumbbells and kettlebells are styled like their traditional counterparts, albeit with the weights cut in granite and the handles cut in birch wood, while the clubbell combines a granite head with a birch handle instead of the traditional single-piece club design. The ropebells, on the other hand, combine granite weights with a rope handle, while the gripbell consists of just the granite weight with finger holes carved in for grip training. The roller consists of hemp rope wrapped around a birch core.


All the granite used in each of the equipment are hand-picked and hand-grafted, with every piece of equipment manually assembled. The roller is only available in one size (36 x 9 cm), while the weights are available from 2kg to 30kg.

Learn more about Fitrocks from the Gymstick website.

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