Five Tools Every Watch Enthusiast Should Own


Some people never wear watches. Others have picked up a few pieces they like to wear every now and then. And then, there are those who have accumulated multiple timepieces over the years, keep them well-maintained, and take great pride in wearing each one.

If you’re among the latter (or know someone who is), here are five tools we think you’re going to want to consider adding to your gear stash.

Worn & Wound Strap Changing Multi-Tool


If you want to replace the strap on your watch every now and again without having to go into a shop, you’ll appreciate having this small tool at your disposal. While there are plenty of cheaper alternatives out there, we really like this particular tool’s capped ends, which allows you to easily throw it in a pants pocket for bringing along anywhere. It comes with two reversible bits: one that sports a 0.8mm poker and a 1.6mm fork; and another that has a 1.4mm flat-head driver and a 1.8mm flat-head driver. With all four tips at your disposal, it should be able to go to work on most any watch model out there, while a knurled body provides a strong, no-slip grip. It can even split in half for those times you need to a tool for bracing and another for turning at the same time.

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Watch Repair Kit


No, we don’t actually think it’s a good idea to tinker under the case of any watch model. For one, that’s likely to ruin any warranty. More importantly, though, you probably have no idea what you’re doing. If you’ve never let that stop you from fiddling around with mechanical objects before, well, pick up one of these kits and indulge your curiosities. From adding links and opening the case back to swapping batteries and replacing gaskets, this kit has everything you need to do it all and more. Yes, you can also ruin a perfectly good watch using it, so proceed with caution.

Victorinox for Hodinkee Watchmaker Swiss Army Knife


A Swiss Army Knife for people who like fiddling inside their watch case, this pocket tool allows you to quickly open snap-on watch cases, whether to put in a new cell battery, show off the movement to verify authenticity (very useful when selling), or to mess around with the tiny parts for whatever joy it brings your way. Aside from the flip-out case blade that you will use for prying, it also includes pull-out tweezers, for picking up small parts inside the watch, and a toothpick, which, we guess, can be useful for cleaning off dirt from all the tiny nooks inside the timepiece. Of course, the multi-tool also includes a standard 3-inch blade, since a Swiss Army Knife never feels complete without an actual knife thrown in.

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PolyWatch Scratch Remover


Squirt a small amount of this paste on a microfiber cloth and apply it to a scratch-ridden acrylic watch crystal to make it look absolutely brand new. Seriously, this is like magic. If you own a watch that looks way too scruff due to years of accidentally knocking its crystal onto hard surfaces, a quick scrub of this magical concoction is all you’ll need to give it a full 180-degree makeover.

Polywatch Plastic Crystal Polish and Scratch...
  • Professional results, also for deeper scratches

Jarlink Illuminated Loupe


There are plenty more expensive loupe tools than this. Since you’re only going to use one to inspect all the tiny details inside and outside your timepiece (whether for curiosity or to verify authenticity), this cheap 30X to 60X magnifier is absolutely enough. Know how many loupes in this price range deliver somewhat distorted images with very small usable sections? Not this one, as the entire range covered by the lens is shown through clearly. The built-in LED is also a nice touch, ensuring you can see what you’re peering at, regardless of ambient lighting conditions.

JARLINK 30X 60X Illuminated Jewelers Loupe...
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