Fixed Shoes – Bicycle Shoes That Look Good With A Suit And Tie


Want to take the bicycle to work, but the shoes that go with your suit make it plain impossible? Might be time to buy a new pair. Quoc Pham’s Fixed Shoe, in particular, provides a chic way to work around the dilemma, turning out cycling footwear that doesn’t look half-bad in a formal outfit.

Yep, it’s bike shoes for the suit-and-tie set, managing to combine both pedal-pushing comforts and professional looks in a single product. No stupid labels proclaiming “sporty qualities” along the side and no funky designs – just the bare basics you need to bike effectively, while still looking extremely presentable.

The Fixed Shoe looks like most standard office footwear, missing only the slight heel at the bottom. The big giveaway should be the stiff rubber sole, that allows you to push your feet flat on the pedal, and a special lacing pattern to keep the shoe’s grip tight. Hand-made upper sports a particularly thick leather material, allowing it to survive through the unusual wear and tear that cycling shoes should be subjected to (compared to regular office fare). The lacing begins in a toe-cap eyelet, so no worries about it latching on to anything while you’re riding.

Quoc Pham mentions plans to put out a cleated sole design, so those averse to traditional toe-clips and straps can have something to look forward to. Either way, this clever mix of sports and office wear should solve the increasing dilemma for cyclists with a 9-to-5 schedule. It may not look as snappy as regular dress shoes, but it really could pass off as a legitimate partner to your regular business suit.

Available in five different colorways, the Fixed Shoes currently sell in the UK for £90 a pair. Sounds like a good deal, especially since it’s servicing such a niche market of consumers (that could increasingly grow, as more people give up their cars for daily commute, by the way).

[Quoc Pham via Wired]