Flask Playing Cards Enables Two Of Your Favorite Vices


A lig of whiskey and a game of cards are a natural pairing, which is why it makes sense to carry one along with the other.  The Flask Playing Cards does it one better, outfitting a pocket-size flask with an attached storage to hold a full deck of cards.

Combining two long-standing vices, the versatile flask should prove the easiest way to get your life out of order.  With alcohol to dumb your good judgment and a set of playing cards to gamble your life’s savings with, you should now have everything you require to set up a future on skid row.

The stainless steel flask measures 4 x 3 inches, with an unusual depth of 1.25 inches.  Of course, the extra thickness is due to the space reserved to fit the full deck of cards in, making the actual container for your favorite juice more limited than a regular flask.

Personally, I can’t imagine a better gift for an alcoholic gambler (or a similarly-inclined Magic The Gathering player – you know who you are).  It looks like it could prove a nifty present for your poker buddies, as well.  In case you’re not the type to carry a deck of Bicycles around, the card space looks like it’s a good fit for a pack of cigs or a small cellphone, too.

Taylor Gifts has the Flask Playing Cards, which comes with a standard card deck, for $29.98.  Go forth, young man, and feed your vices.

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