Flask Tie Hides Drinks In Your Neckwear

From tiny buckle flasks to hidden drinking pouches, there are many ways to sneak a drink in the office.  The best ones, though, are always those that you can wear out in the open without inviting any suspicion.  The Flask Tie is one such contraption.

Styled to look like one of your cheap neckties (c’mon, man, you didn’t expect Louis Vuitton or some other swanky thing, right?), it comes with a hidden pouch inside the fabric where you can hold your favorite NSFW beverage of choice.  That way, you can walk around wearing a full load of alcohol around your neck, ready to loosen you up any time you feel the stresses of the day taking over.

The Flask Tie uses a slim, detachable bladder to hold your drinks, which slots inside the broad end of the necktie, obscured from sight.  The narrow part of the tie (i.e. the back slip) holds the self-sealing tube where you can sip from, so everything is done inconspicuously.  To keep things manageable, the pouch can only hold 6 oz. of your beverage of choice.  While that isn’t much, it should be enough to take away the edge any time you need it to.

The drinking components are made of plastic, with the actual tie constructed from cotton and polyester.  Granted, it’s probably not the most stylish accessory to put on if you’re trying to look dapper, but life is a balancing act like that — sometimes, you just have to prioritize your slight drinking problem.

You can pick up the Flask Tie for $30.

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