Use The Flat Tire Defender To Eliminate Pinch Flats And Rim Dings


Whether on a single trail or downhill course, riding a mountain bike is oodles of fun. You know what’s not fun? All the sharp rocks, hard roots, and scattered branches that could push your tire in so hard against the rim that it causes a serious flat. And, yes, it happens a whole lot more than you’d enjoy. The Flat Tire Defender is designed to protect against that.

Co-designed with MTB champ, Aaron Gwin, the insert slips over the rim of your bicycle’s wheels, absorbing any impact when you run over sharp and jagged objects. This allows it to eliminate any chance of pinch flats and rim dings, so you can spend all day riding without any worries.


The Flat Tire Defender is made from a high-density, closed-cell foam rubber, so it should absorb even the hardest impact, with no air chamber inside, so there are fewer thing to worry about. It’s compatible with both tube-type and tubeless tires, so you can add it to your bike, regardless of your setup.

Aside from eliminating pinch flats and rim dings, the insert should also minimize tire sidewall rollovers, as well as reduce vibration, enhance suspension, and keep the tire functional even with very low air pressure. Gwin, in fact, claims he can finish a race with zero air on a tire, provided he’s got the insert installed, so this should keep you riding no matter what challenges the trail presents.

Pricing for the Flat Tire Defender starts at $110.

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