Flexdex Photon Light Board Confirms It – Everything Looks Cooler With LEDs


If you were a kid in the 80s, the Flexdex Photon Light Board is probably how you’d imagined skateboards to look like in 2010 – riddled with plenty of electronic lights.  Except they’re supposed to be hovering in the air, instead of just rolling on small wheels like they always did.

Where’s the jet motor, the vertical take off and all that?  Well, that will have to stay in your imagined future for now.  Instead, you’ll have to console yourself with a gorgeous bevy of UFO-style lights shining under your feet.  Slide quickly down the street and, with a lot of imagination, you could look like you’re floating on air anyway.


Like the rest of the Flexdex longboard line, the Photon Light Board boasts the same improved engineering that sees you accelerate through turns (carving transmits 30% more power to the wheels) and absorb road vibrations.  It’s made from a clear plastic polycarbonate that’s derived from six different resins and fiberglass.  According to Flexdex, their boards “will never delam, break or die” and offers a guarantee to back it up.

Each night-visible skateboard comes with a bevy of LED lights strewn around it and an onboard rechargeable battery that can feed it for up to six hours.  Buyers can choose their own colors of LEDs upon order, customizing their rides the way they see fit.

Sure, the Flexdex Photon Light Board isn’t how skateboards were supposed to look like in the 21st century.  It’s a good start, though.  Now, all we need is someone to mod it into a hovercraft and we’re halfway there.

[Flexdex via Be Sportier]