This Flexible Smart Twister Can Carry Weights Up To 300 Pounds

Sometimes, you find a new product that can replace a slew of things in your garage and workshop.  This Smart Twister is one of them.

A multi-purpose bar, it’s strong enough to serve as a hook for hanging heavy objects, as well as flexible enough to use as a tie strap for binding items together.  Even better, you can shape it yourself any way you like, so you get exactly the kind of hooks and loops you need to accommodate any storage and organization needs.

Able to support weights of up to 300 pounds, the Smart Twister will retain any form you shape it into, provided any pressure pulling on it stays under the limit.  That means, you can tie this to a ceiling bar, shape the bottom end into a hook, and use it to hang your bicycle.  Similarly, you can hook it to the side of a ladder to hold your toolbox while performing handyman duties, as well as a tie strap to secure cargo on the Handirack installed in your car’s roof.   Even better, you can reshape it over and over for endless uses.

Measuring half an inch in diameter, the Smart Twister uses a stainless steel membrane that’s combined with multiple layers of foam to perform its versatile function.  It comes with a soft finish, too, so it won’t ever crack or rust, regardless of use.  Three lengths are available: 17 inches, 34 inches, and 68 inches.

The Smart Twister is available now, priced at £19.95.

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