Flextail Max Pump Simplifies The Air Pump For All Your Inflatable Gear


Yes, there are now inflatable outdoor gear that come with quick-inflating designs, allowing you to blow them up with just a few big breaths. Problem is, most inflatable gear you currently own don’t exactly have that same advanced feature, requiring you to carry some type of pump every time you go out to enjoy the outdoors. Flextail thinks their Max Pump is better than whatever you’re currently using.

An electric pump with a rechargeable battery, it lets you quickly blow up air mattresses, inflatable SUPs, and air hammocks, so you can quickly engage in whatever activity you have on the docket. Unlike regular electric pumps, though, it’s compact, coming in a diameter similar to a tea light candle (albeit, much taller). As such, you can easily slip it in a bag pouch (or your back pocket, if you don’t mind the big bulge) for hassle-free transport.

To use, simply connect the nozzle of the Flextail Max Pump on whatever you’re inflating and hit the switch to get the air pumping. Easy. Each one comes with an adapter for quickly deflating your blown up gear, too, so you can use it to suck air out of packages and vacuum bags, doubling up the utility. It can pump 90 minutes’ worth of air in a single charge (enough for most trips), with a recharge taking just two hours of plugging into a wall outlet.

An Indiegogo campaign is currently running for the Flextail Max Pump. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $19.

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