Use The FlipCrown To Give Your Bike The Slimmest Possible Profile


If there’s any major problem in a bicycle’s design, it has always been the handlebars. Simply put, they’re too wide, forcing the bike to take up much more space than it could without it. That won’t be the case with the FlipCrown.

An aftermarket accessory that lets you flip the handlebars 90 degrees, it helps minimize the space the bike takes up any time it’s not being ridden. Whether you’re parking on a bike rack at the mall, mounting it up on a bike shelf, or trying to squeeze it inside a tiny nook of the garage, this thing should help you take up the least amount of space.


The FlipCrown installs in place of the existing headset locknut, a process that should take about 15 minutes of your time. Once set up, the bike’s handlebars can now turn 90 degrees, all while the wheels stay at the same angle. To do that, you will have to use the included hex wrench to slightly loosen the stem bolt, push the FlipCrown’s release button, and turn the handlebars a full 90 degrees. The current version is designed to work with threaded stems (both 1- and 1 1/8-inch sizes), although a future non-threaded version is also in the pipe.


According to its creators, the contraption is perfectly safe, with no effect on the bicycle’s steering whatsoever. Just pair it with quick-release pedals and you’ll have the slimmest profile possible for your favorite two-wheel steed.

An Indiegogo campaign is currently running for FlipCrown. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $25.

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