Flipper, The Spatula For Burger-Flipping Rockstars

Everybody knows what happens to aspiring rock stars whose musical dreams don’t quite pan out — they end up flipping burgers for a living.  Keep the stereotype alive with the Flipper, a guitar-shaped spatula for rockstars slaving in the kitchen.

Made by Gama-Go, it’s the perfect burger-flipping tool for any rock-and-roll themed kitchen.  Not only can you use it to turn pancakes and grilled cheese sandwiches like a pro, it makes for a mean spatula to play air guitar with (I mean, the Chopula just looks ridiculous for strumming and stuff) while you wait for your greasy porkchops to fry, too.

The Flipper doesn’t just stop at shaping itself like a guitar –it comes with engraved detailing of frets, knobs and other stuff you’ll find in a regular axe.  While not exactly realistic, it does make the novelty a lot more fun.  The spatula is constructed from 100% silicon and is tested safe for use at temperatures of up to 446º F.

Whether you’re a starving musician preparing for your inevitable slide towards further obscurity or a guitarist on the rise with a large kitchen to fill with cool stuff, the Flipper sounds like the perfect spatula to accompany your journey.   It’s available at Amazon in red, black and blue colors, priced at $11.99.