FLIR Duo Combines Thermal Imaging Sensor And Action Cam In One Device


It looks like any regular action camera. Except, of course, for the odd fact that it seems to have two lenses. That’s because the FLIR Duo is actually two cameras in one: an action cam that you can use to capture regular footage and a thermal imager for capturing scenes in Predator vision.

Sporting a similar size and shape to the GoPro, the camera can be attached to any standard mount, allowing you to equip it on your bike handlebars, helmet, or drone. Granted, a thermal imaging cam on a bike or a helmet doesn’t really make any sense, but mounting it on a drone for search missions, fire fighting, and industrial applications does open up a whole avenue of applications.


The FLIR Duo combines a standard 1080p video camera and a Lepton thermal imaging sensor that can record images at a 160 x 120 resolution. It records both regular video and heat imagery to the onboard microSD card, although it comes with both analog and HDMI outputs, in case you want to send the video to another device. There’s also a picture in picture option, so you can see both the regular feed and the heat imagery at the exact same time.


Features include a 90-degree field of view, integrated Bluetooth (for control via a companion app), and two PWM inputs for controlling a pair of camera functions remotely. No word on how long the battery can keep it running, but the camera’s unique function and affordable price should make it an attractive options for folks who have a legit need for thermal imaging all the same.

Available now, the FLIR Duo is priced starting at $999.

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