Float Is A Levitating Matrix Table

Most side tables are designed for function.  While the Float can serve your corner table needs just as well as any piece from Ikea, it will likely spark conversation better than any other article of furnishing you have.

Made up of 64 blocks of wood, it looks like a giant all-wood Rubik’s Cube.  Except it’s more awesome, since majority of the individual blocks are all floating in the air.  When you push on a block in fact, it will react by contorting the furniture’s shape, with the affected blocks getting slightly off-place.  Yet, the assembly remains floating, instead of crumbling down.

Of course, there’s a trick.  The Float actually uses an arrangement of magnets and tensile steel cables to keep the individual blocks perpetually levitating.  Despite the unusual design, it’s supposed to be very sturdy and can hold your usual assortment of stuff like any ordinary side table.  Aside from wood, steel cables and magnets, the list of materials used to construct it include PVC, aluminum and voodoo magic (no, really).

You can get the table in the same configuration as the 64-block sample or ask for customizations that’s more suited to your home.  According to the creators, they can adjust the shape of the actual furniture, as well as the size and number of blocks.  You can also request a different finish (imagine this in a futuristic shiny metallic shade) or different materials for the visible components.

As you probably expected, awesome furniture ain’t cheap.  Price for the Float and other levitating table creations start at a wallet-busting $2,000.

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