Float Shelf Adds A Generous Shelf To The Back Of Your iMac


It might not be the most obvious thing at first, but the back of your iMac does make an ideal space to turn into a storage section. At least, that’s our conclusion after seeing the Float Shelf, a piece of board that attaches to the iMac’s stand, giving Apple’s all-in-one PC a handy, off-the-desk storage unit around back.

Once installed, you can use the shelf to store any items you’d rather keep out of the desk, whether it’s a whole bunch of toys you play with during work downtimes or just an assortment of office supplies you’d rather stash out of sight. It’s a great way to clean the clutter off the desk while still being able to keep them within reach for those times the need to pull them out comes up.


The Float Shelf is made from anodized aluminum, so it won’t look out of place attached to your iMac, with a patented bracket-free design that allows it to simply slide into position without requiring any fasteners or screws. Despite the lack of fastening hardware, it’s strong, with the ability to support up to 10 pounds of load, so you can throw in a whole load of stuff.


It comes in two sizes: 6.5 x 18 inches (depth x width) and 6.5 x 22 inches, both of which offer a whole lot of room to accommodate your gear. While designed for iMacs, the shelves can also slide into the stand on old Apple Cinema displays, just in case you’re still holding on to one of those older monitors.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Float Shelf. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $75.

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