Floating Fish Dome Makes Your Pond Look Like It’s Being Invaded By A Mini-UFO


Sometimes, some of the pet fish you have in the backyard pond might want to pop up and say hi. Except, they can’t because all they know how to do is swim. Fortunately, the Floating Fish Dome exists.

A floating observation dome, simply drop it on the pond and wait for your koi to swim up and greet you. It looks like a flying saucer while floating on the water, too, so you can pretend you’re encountering a fish-headed alien, visiting you all the way from the depths of inner space. Or something.


The Floating Fish Dome measures 31 inches in diameter (including the float at the bottom), so it’s big enough to fit up to two kois swimming up at the same time. Granted, you’ll have to train your fish to ensure even the laziest, most apathetic one will take the trouble to pop up into the dome, but that shouldn’t be too hard. To do that, the creators recommend simply putting fish food inside the dome to get the swimmers used to the idea of doing things for your amusement. Now, scatter a few of these along your pond and have a veritable alien fish flying saucer invasion taking place in your backyard.


Available now, the Floating Fish Dome is priced at $199.

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