Flogos: Pump Out Your Own Flying Logo


In the seemingly unending need for more advertising options comes this new medium, which looks leagues more fascinating than most anything we’ve seen before.  Dubbed as Flogos, they are flying cloud-like foams can take any shape and message that you want them to.

Many of us have probably played that game when we were younger, lying on our back and imagining shapes from the clouds that roll by.  Flogos works much like that, except the shapes you end up with are actually real.

Built out of soap foam mixed with light gasses such as helium, the flying logos can float through the sky, rising to as high as 5,000 feet and traveling up to 30 miles before evaporating (you can control both height and reach by adjusting the composition).   The floating ads, which come in either 12, 36 or 48 inches, are generated by repurposed Snow machines that pump out one Flogo every 15 seconds.

This is a great way to advertise during large events, like concerts, sports competition and stadium parties, and has, in fact, been used by various companies, including Disney World, the California Angels and Mercedes Benz.   You’ll need to rent a Flogo machine in order to start blowing the shaped foams, with rates starting at $2,500 for an entire day.

[Flogos via Gadget Lab]