Floodfire Super Soaker Packs Unlimited Water Ammo


Water fights are fun. Only problem is, it doesn’t take very long before the tank on even the largest squirt gun runs empty, making you have to take a break from the game to fill up at the nearest tap. That won’t be a problem with the new Nerf Floodfire Super Soaker, a nasty-looking water blaster that can hook up to a garden hose for an infinite supply of ammunition.

Simply attach a hose to the quick-release valve at the bottom of the blaster, attach the hose to a nearby faucet, and be prepared to soak everyone on site with utter impunity. No more holding back on your attack in order to stretch your supply of pressurized water – just pick a target, unload, and keep unloading till everyone’s soaking in the sweat of surrender and running for the safety of their towels.


The Nerf Floodfire Super Soaker can attack targets at distances of up to 38 feet, allowing you to hold water wars against foes across the street. It features a pump-to-fire mechanism for satisfying blaster attacks, a plunger tube for controlling the amount of water to fire, and a 1.27-liter water tank to keep it armed even when detached from the hose for mobility in the battlefield. Just find a sufficiently long hose to give you some movement even while tethered and you can give yourself supreme advantage in any outdoor water fight.

Available now, the Nerf Floodfire Super Soaker is priced at $19.50.

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