These Flower Grenades Let You Bomb Any Ground With Seeds

You want to turn empty lot areas in your neighborhood into gardens of flowers and shrubs, but gardening isn’t really your thing.  Digging into soil and planting seeds just feels like the most boring way to spend your day — certainly not half as fun as killing enemy troops in Call of Duty like you do with the rest of your free time.  Well, here’s a little something that might help bridge the gap: Flower Grenades.

Instead of explosives, each hand grenade packs a collection of seeds that will scatter on the soil as soon as it hits the ground and breaks.  Throw one in that corner, another over this side and litter those barren lands with what could be the start of a beautiful, albeit disorganized, garden.

The Flower Grenades are made from sculpted clay, which will break upon falling to the ground and dissolve in water.   That means, you don’t even have to clean up after making a mess — just like when you kill people in your first-person world war shooters.

Each grenade is filled with soil and one variant of seeds, either Poppy, Buttercup or Ryegrass.  Of course, the seeds aren’t magic, so they’ll need to be watered occasionally just like seeds that don’t come inside grenades.  Since you hate the whole gardening business, maybe you can buy a reloadable Super Soaker Thunderstorm for squirting them, which should be more fun that carrying a water can around.

Designed by Tony Minh Nguyen and Snowhome, the Flower Grenades are available in packs of three.  Price is  £12 (around $19).