Floyd’s New Kit Lets You Turn Wooden Boards Into Functional Bed Frames


A while back, Floyd upper their table game with the Utility Set, which allowed you to turn random slabs of wood into heavy-duty tables. This time around, they’re stepping it up even harder with the Floyd Platform Bed, which lets you turn those same slabs of wood into functional bedroom furniture that will support your heavy frame.

Using the same leg support concept as their tables, the kit allows you to combine multiple slabs of wood into a low-profile platform bed. Even better, it uses a modular design that allows you to make the bed as big or small as you like. Just add extra support if you want to turn an existing twin-size frame into a king-size and you’re good to go.


The Floyd Platform Bed uses three types of supports to ensure a stable frame: end supports, middle supports, and tensioning straps.   The end supports serve as the legs on the outer edges of the frame, with the middle supports going in between two planks of wood to carry your weight in the center.   As with their heavy-duty table, the tensioning straps serve as cross-bracing for the bed frame, allowing it to handle its occupants’ weight like any proper platform bed. Once constructed, the bed stands at 7.5 inches above the floor.


Do note, it’s probably important to use separate pieces of boards to build the bed, instead of just taking one thick slab of plywood to ensure you get the extra boost from the middle supports. Of course, you can always try using just the end supports to see how it will hold, which should for a fun experiment. By the way, they also offer their own 22-inch-wide wooden panels, which use a honeycomb design that the company claims is “extremely strong, yet very light.”

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Floyd Platform Bed. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $265.

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