Floyd Shelf Quickly Turns Wood Planks And Similar Materials Into Functional Wall Storage

Remember the Floyd Legs, which can turn any plank of wood into a functional table?  Well, meet its beloved cousin, the Floyd Shelf, a similarly utilitarian tool that turns any plank of material into a functional wall shelf.

That leftover plank of wood in dad’s garage?  It’s now a shelf.  Those jalousie windows rotting in the attic?  They can now be shelves, too.  Basically, any long and reasonably slim strip of wood, plastic, glass (with reservations, of course, because it can shatter into pieces), metal, or other objects you have lying around the house can be repurposed into a functional shelf.  And they said being a hoarder doesn’t pay off in the long run…

The Floyd Shelf is a pair of brackets that mount on your wall, instantly providing a space where you can slip in a reasonably-sized board to turn it into a functional wall shelf.  It can handle strips of materials up to 1.6 inches thick, which it clamps onto to create a sturdy storage space in your digs.  The brackets, which are designed to be mounted using standard Phillips screws, measure 5.5 inches in depth, with metal construction that makes them look sturdy as heck.  Each bracket features a vertical lip that you can use as a bookend if you’re building shelves for your reading library.

Granted, the brackets make the aesthetic look industrial and just a tad rustic, so you might have a hard time with this if you’re not quite into that.  It comes in three powder-coated finishes: white, black and red.

Available now, the Floyd Shelf retails for $85.

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