Freestanding Shelves Don’t Get More Convenient Than The Floyd Shelving System


We’re big fans of Floyd and their unique take on furniture, which focuses on modular, collapsible, and highly-packable designs. From four legs that you can turn into a table and supports you can turn into a bed to collapsible couches and more, they have some of the most creative furniture designs out there. Their latest, the Floyd Shelving System, embraces the same penchant for unique design.

Billed as “a modular shelving system that grows with you,” it’s a freestanding shelf that you can expand, shrink, and reconfigure over time, allowing you to have as big a shelf you need without having to commit to a massive storage furniture at any point, since you can take out modules at absolutely any time. You can collapse everything when you decide to move, too, making it way easier to transport than a traditional shelf.


The Floyd Shelving System consists of four wooden frames that are meant to be stood upright, each with a layer of metal strip on the inner side (basically, the side not visible from out front) to provide durable support for the actual shelves, along with a set of metal shelves. The metal strips on the frames, which are pre-screwed in place, come with built-in slats, which you can use to secure the shelves on using a simple hook connector. While you don’t need tools for that, it does require you to secure the bottom and top racks using nuts and bolts to ensure integrity.

The frames come in two sizes: a short one designed to accommodate three shelves and a tall one designed to hold six. Shelves can be placed at set sections on the frames, with each of the designated levels containing three slats about an inch apart, so you can vary the height of each shelf very slightly, depending on what you plan to store on the shelf below or above it. In case you want one of the shelves to have extra-high overhead clearance (so you can put a large framed print on it, for instance), you can simply leave out installing the shelf above it and you’re good.


The Floyd Shelving System has a short shelf that measures 30 x 34.75 x 13 inches (width x height x depth) and a tall shelf that measures 30 x 70.5 x 13 inches (width x height x depth), each of which are designed to hold the outfit’s powder-coated steel racks. Alternatively, they also offer a display rack, which you can use to store magazines and coffee table books in a front-facing manner, and a dowel rod, which you can use for wardrobe storage, both of which are designed to hook on the same slats on the metal strips.


When equipped with three racks, the short shelves can support up to 195 pounds, while the tall shelves can support up to 390 pounds when equipped with six racks. Using the dowel rod with three racks on the tall shelf, on the other hand, will support up to 390 pounds. In case you’re worried about the darn thing falling over (always a danger when you have kids at the house), it comes with wall anchors to keep the whole thing standing even when an earthquake hits.

The Floyd Shelving System is slated for the end of July, priced starting at $425.

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