Floyd Sofa: Finally, A Couch That Can Assemble And Collapse In Minutes


We’re big fans of Floyd and their clever line of furniture, all of which are made up of collapsible components that can be cobbled together and disassembled in just minutes. More impressively, they did it successfully with desks, dining tables, shelves, coffee tables, and beds, leaving just one critical piece of home furniture out of the mix: the living room couch. Now, they went ahead and covered that with the Floyd Sofa.

That’s right, Floyd now has a proper living room couch in its roster, allowing you to deck an entire pad in nothing but their collapsible furniture. From the living room and the bedroom to the dining room and the study, the outfit’s convenient furniture can now fill the spaces at every corner of your abode.


Like other furniture in the outfit’s line, the Floyd Sofa has a modular design made up of six legs, a large board that serves as a seat, a backrest, and two arm rests. Yes, it ships flat-packed, so you can easily collapse and stash it inside boxes again when it’s time to move to a different pad, making it easier to move than traditional furniture. Each of the six legs attach to the seat using screws, with two of each attaching to the arm rests and back rest, respectively. That means, all you need to assemble and disassemble the sofa is a functional screwdriver (or, better yet, a power drill, so you can get everything finished in just a few minutes).

Construction is birch wood for the seat, arm rests, and back rest, with the legs cut in powder-coated steel, so this should be just as durable as any couch. All the birch wood pieces, by the way, can be ordered bare or upholstered, with the latter available in a variety of fabric colors, namely light blue, dark blue, mustard yellow, and light gray.


Since sitting down on a slab of wood, even if it is upholstered, isn’t all that comfortable, the Floyd Sofa comes with six removable cushions that, the outfit claims, will feel more like pillows than cushions. Two different densities of foam are combined in each cushion, providing folks with the perfect balance of stiffness and softness, making it ideal whether for napping, chilling, or lazily plonking down for a binge watch session. Each cushion is covered in a water- and stain-resistant material, too, so it’s going to take some serious effort to get them dirty.


Three sizes are available: a two-seater (60 x 31 x 33 inches, width x depth x height), a three-seater (87 x 31 x 33 inches), and a three-seater with a chaise lounge in the end (87 x 60.25 x 33 inches). The chaise lounge, basically, uses two seat boards instead of one, with the second board installed perpendicular to the first and held up by an extra pair of legs. And, yes, the chaise can be installed on either the left or right side of the couch.

Floyd Sofa is slated to ship in October.

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