These Floyd Legs Can Turn Pretty Much Any Flat Surface Into A Table

Over the years, we’ve seen various clamp designs that let you create impromptu tables out of any flat slab. So far though, I have yet to find one I can actually purchase. Well, that ends now with these Floyd Legs.

The concept is simple: attach a clamp to a table leg, so it can be attached to one corner of a slab of wood, metal or some other material that can serve as a tabletop. That’s it. As long as you have four clamped legs, you can easily make a table (no messing with screws or drills or whatever) out of practically any serviceable tabletop you can find, which you can put away just as easily by simply removing the legs.

Floyd Legs is made from cold-rolled steel, with an F-clamp fastener on top for clasping onto tabletops. Since there’s no cross-bracing, it’s not for heavy-duty applications, with the creators recommending it be used to support no more than 75 pounds of weight (yeah, you can’t make a bed with this — sorry). It comes in two lengths: 16 inches for coffee tables and 29 inches for work desks. Oh yeah, they recommend not even attempting to use it for dining tables since that will likely push the supported weight over the 75-pound threshold.

Priced at $189 for a set of four legs, this sounds a little overpriced for the application (screw-on IKEA legs are less than $5 each). Then again, we’re living in a supply and demand world, and people apparently want this. So much so, in fact, that Floyd Legs’ crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter has been funded around 10 times the original target with still two weeks to go.

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