Floyd Utility Set Lets You Quickly Build Heavy-Duty Tables With Cross Bracings

While the Floyd Legs can help you quickly build a sturdy writing table, it lacks the support structure necessary to let you fashion a heavy-duty workbench or dining table all on its own.  That’s why they created the Floyd Utility Set, an industrial version that you can use to build sturdier tables.

It doesn’t depart too much from what made the original Floyd Legs great.  You still get four legs that you can easily clamp onto an old door, an old cabinet panel, or any similar plank of wood to quickly turn it into a functional desk.

To provide the necessary support structure for heavy-duty use, however, the Floyd Utility Set uses industrial-grade materials for the corner legs, making them fit for more intense use than the standard set.  It also comes with the ability to add extra support for the frame using a pair of cross-bracing straps, allowing you to quickly build a table that can handle added compression and tension without wobbling, just like the ones you’ll find at the local furniture store.

Each of the legs can clamp onto wood up to just under 2 inches thick, so you can use a reasonably sturdy top as the main surface area.  It features a black powder coat finish (you can, of course, paint it over if you want a different aesthetic) for the legs, a table height of 29.5 inches, and three color options for the cross-bracing straps.  Kit comes with its own strapped carrying case.

Available now, the Floyd Utility Set retails for $289.

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