Flux Chair Folds Flat, Assembles Into An Origami-Like Lounge Seat


Sure, conventional folding chairs can transform into flat, stackable pieces.  However, they’re still pretty heavy, not to mention, particularly thick.  The Flux Chair does them one better, as it’s able to fold into an ultra-slim and lightweight flat case.

Assembled, it looks like an Origami furniture, with sexy curved foldlines and paper-thin material.  It’s the kind of chair you’ll see in a corner and probably steer clear of, as it doesn’t look like it can sit all your weight without crumbling down.  Yet, it actually can.


The Flux Chair is a functional lounge chair made out of a single section of polypropylene plastic.  It sports a patented design that uses cleverly-placed curves, bends and folds to support your body when you plop down, allowing for surprising sturdiness even though it only weighs around 11lbs.  Don’t be daunted by the Origami-like assembly, either, as it takes no more than 10 seconds to prop up.

When folded down, it comes with a built-in handle so you can haul it around like a shopping bag.  Because of the size, it’s easier to stack and store than pretty much any other chair you can find, making it perfect for outdoor activities and one-day events.  The plastic material also doesn’t stain – just wipe off any spills and you’re good to go.

Flux is supposed to be selling the chair, though I can’t find a “Buy” button nor a price anywhere on the site.  It seriously looks pretty awesome, save for the fact that I see the word “designer” come up all the time.  And we damn well know how much those “designer” pieces tend to be priced.

[Flux Chairs via iNewIdea]