Forget The Boat, Use The Flycraft SUP For Your Angling Adventures Instead


With its excellent stability, impressive agility, and easy portability, SUPs have become a favorite among anglers looking for an easy way to get around the water. Simply put, they offer plenty of attractive advantages over small boats. And while you can take any regular SUP and deck it out for fishing, we imagine picking up something like the Flycraft should make things a whole lot simpler.

Designed specifically for fishing, the SUP ditches a few traditional paddle board elements in favor of alternatives more suited to anglers’ needs, ensuring it will support your love affair with the rod better than a standard paddle board.  From tracking straighter and sporting the perfect rigidity to fins that pop up when it hits any obstacle underwater and an integrated anchor system, this thing offers fishing enthusiasts an off-the-shelf solution that lets them hit the lake immediately.


The Flycraft has a body cut in drop-stitched PVC that, according to the outfit, is exceptionally stable and rigid, ensuring it will allow you to fish on any lake, stream, and river. In fact, they claim it’s so stable that you can do yoga on the darn thing while it’s moving on the water, so it should easily tolerate all those movements you’ll need to make while reeling in a big one. It’s inflatable, too, so you can just roll it up into a bundle and throw it in the trunk, making it exceptionally convenient compared to traditional watercrafts.

It upgrades the standard futures fin used in SUPs with one that has more surface area, allowing the SUP to track straighter with less effort on your part, while a full size pad gives you plenty of room to move, whether you’re looking for fish or wrangling in a defiant catch. An optional removable tower gives you a convenient spot to keep your rod and paddle, allowing you to quickly reach for either one without having to bend over, while also having a bottle holder and a series of pockets for organizing plenty of small supplies.


The Flycraft also has optional gravity fins that are flexible, allowing them to bend when coming in contact with rocks and other obstacles, with an integrated mechanical set up that automatically pops them upwards whenever bending isn’t enough to avoid the obstacle. According to the outfit, using the gravity fins changes the tracking significantly, allowing for more strokes on each side of the board. Along with the gravity fins, the outfit also offers an anchor system, giving anglers a way to hold their current position, regardless of wind or current conditions. Seriously, with these optional components onboard, it’s as complete a fishing system as you can ask for.


Dimensions are 122 x 33.5 x 6 inches (length x width x thickness) for the SUP, giving you a whole lot of surface area to move on, all while rolling into a bundle that measures 37 x 17 x 5 inches when deflated for easy transport. Other features include 23 D-rings for attaching all sorts of accessories, a raised mat around the rings to avoid snags, a Leifield C7 valve, and a recommended payload of 275 pounds for optimal performance on the water.

Pricing for the Flycraft starts at $1,295.

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