Flyer Via Puts the Classic Radio Flyer Aesthetic on a Cargo Ebike

We all know Radio Flyer for their classic Little Red Wagons, which they continue to sell, alongside ride-on cars, trikes, and other toys aimed at active play. They also have a growing line of electric bicycles aimed at both kids and adults. This time around, they’re adding an ebike that will ride kids and adults at the same time in the form of the Flyer Via.

Billed as an “everyday family ebike,” the electric cargo bike can fit an adult and two kid-sized passengers in the back, so you can use it to drop off your kids at the school, bring them to the park, or just take them around for a fun ride around the neighborhood. Alternatively, you can use the back area for cargo, as it’s large enough to haul groceries, small appliances, and boxes upon boxes of stuff.

The Flyer Via is an electric cargo bike powered by a 500W hub motor that, the outfit claims, is tuned to deliver a smooth and efficient ride. It offers five levels of pedal assist, which automatically adjusts based on your own cadence and pace, as detected by the integrated torque sensor, although there’s also a thumb throttle if you prefer moving forward without having to actually use your leg muscles.

It has a seven-speed gear shifter, so you can switch to different gearings, depending on where you’re riding and how much cargo you’re hauling, as well as Tekto hydraulic brakes with a180mm rotors, so you have maximum stopping power any time you need it. There’s also an LED display on the left side of the handlebars, which shows the pedal assist setting, light settings, odometer, speedometer, and remaining battery range, ensuring you’re duly informed about the details of your ride the entire time.

The Flyer Via uses different wheel sizes, namely a 24-inch out front and a 20-inch in the rear, which is done to lower the center of gravity in the back and provide more stability when you have heavy cargo in tow. Speaking of cargo, the bike is rated to carry total payloads of 400 pounds, so you can carry a good load of heavy gear on this thing (provided you can figure out how to fit them on the rack). Other features include front headlight, rear taillight with turn signals, puncture-resistant tires, and a dual-leg kickstand. It comes in three sizes, by the way, each offering slightly different geometries to support different rider heights.

As with any cargo bike, they have optional add-ons. While the Kid & Cargo Carrier Hoop is standard, it can also be fitted with an XL Hauler (a bag to fit over the frame), a child seat, tote bags, and even a cargo roof to keep water out of the area. They also offer a Pro version of the ebike, which comes with a more powerful 750W motor, an eight-speed gear shifter, a shock-absorbing suspension fork, and a more intense headlight.

The Flyer Via is available now, priced at $2,199 for the standard model and $2,499 for the Pro.

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