Fold Pot Is A Flower Pot That Can Grow Along With Your Plants

Unless you want the hassle of transferring plants into a different pot as they grow bigger, you plant them early on in a pot that anticipates their future size.  Of course, it looks awkward as heck when you’ve got that tiny thing growing in a gigantic pot.  Won’t be the case with the Fold Pot, which starts out small but grows larger to accommodate your plant’s growth.

Designed by Emanuele Pizzolorusso, it’s plant pot that folds at the top like a shirt cuff, starting out life as a little container, ready to take a small amount of soil and get your Glowing Plant off to a start.  Every time the plant grows a little too large for the pot, you simply unfold the top a bit and top it up with more soil, giving the plant the room it needs to properly spread its roots.

In its smallest form, the Fold Pot has a 1 liter capacity, which can gradually grow up to 2 liters as it gets completely unfolded over time.  Instead of the usual clay or plastic, construction is flexible silicone, which enables the ability to fold into a smaller size and expand as needed, apart from being practically unbreakable.  It comes with a circular furrow at the bottom for draining that can be left covered up or easily removed, depending on how you want to use it.  Dimensions are 170 x 150 mm.

Available in three colors (light gray, dark gray, and terracotta orange), the Fold Pot is sold in sets of three, priced at €65.

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