Foldeat: This Lunch Bag Unfolds Into A Veritable Picnic Mat

No, the Foldeat doesn’t look like any ordinary lunch bag. At first glance, in fact, it looks too busy for a lunch bag, with a thick buckle, lots of extra rolltop fabric, and even a zipper going down the middle. You know, like an overkill lunch bag with too much going on.

Turns out, that’s because it’s not just a simple lunch bag. Instead, it actually doubles as a small picnic mat with an integrated modular system, so you can eat with a good load of comforts even while on the go.

The Foldeat consists primarily of a lunch bag that can collapse into a flat picnic mat (hence, the zipper down the middle). No, it’s not a full-size picnic blanket that you can sit down on, instead coming with just enough space to lay out a generous amount of food, so you’ll have to plop down on the grass if you want to eat lunch al fresco at the park. Of course, you can use it as a table mat, too, when eating your packed lunch at the office, although it will be probably be wise to fold it in half when doing so to give way to anyone who may be eating across you (yes, it will encroach on their space).

Because of its rolltop closure, you can easily adjust the size of the lunch bag, allowing you to pack a small lunch with in one container or multiple meals in separate containers. Just roll it to the desired size that will accommodate what you’re carrying and you’re good to go. A detachable strap allows you to carry it over your shoulder like a messenger, although there’s also an integrated carabiner clip on top for hooking it to your backpack instead.

The Foldeat is insulated, by the way, so it should help your food retain their temperatures while you make your way to the office, with a reversible design that uses different fabrics on each side, so you can change up the look whenever you feel like it. It’s completely safe to clean on a washing machine, too, so if you spill any food on it, you can just throw it in the laundry with the rest of your dirty clothes.

More than a lunch bag, though, the outfit also offers various accessories to go with it. These include a square-shaped, two-compartment food container with a leakproof seal, a round-shaped container for soups with a screw-on cap to prevent leaks, gel packs that you can place on top of the containers to help them maintain temperature, three dipping trays with screw-on covers, and even a cutlery set, so everything you need for packing lunch is already included. The clip keeping the bag’s rolltop in place, by the way, also doubles as a phone holder, which you can use to stand your phone in landscape orientation, so you can watch a show while enjoying lunch in the office pantry.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Foldeat. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $59.

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