Folding BBQ Tool: Like Swiss Knife For Grilling Meat

Backyard barbecue cooks deserve fancy gadgets too.  And the Folding BBQ Tool, which bundles three grilling staples into a single fold out slab, should easily qualify.

Summoning the spirit of Swiss Army knives, the contraption puts a two-prong meat fork, a serrated knife and an extra-wide spatula in a single fold-out device.  That way, you’ll never have to misplace a single cooking utensil while multi-tasking during your summer backyard barbecue again.

The Folding BBQ Tool is a three-piece, dishwasher-safe cooking set designed for the space-conscious barbecue chef.  Armed with full-length tools that hide inside an 8-inch long handle for economical storage, it allows for quick access to the utensil you need right in the heat of the food preparation.   All parts are made from stainless steel, with a wire loop on the end of the handle for hanging in your outdoor kitchen.

With the fork or the knife flipped out, it measures around 14.5 inches; with the spatula, 19.5 inches.  Suffice to say, that’s long enough to keep your hands from burning, making it quite the fully-functional tool set to show off to your friends.

What about when you need the fork to hold the meat, while you slice it with the knife on the other hand?  Unfortunately, that’s impossible.  So maybe don’t throw away those older, barely half-as-cool barbecue utensils just yet.  The Folding BBQ Tool is available for $24.95.