Folding Travel Bag Rolls Up Like A Newspaper When Empty

What do you do with an empty bag after you used it to deliver something? After dumping whatever you stashed in it (like, you know, collection money for your syndicate boss), you’re still stuck having to carry an empty container on your way back home. Why can’t I just fold the damn thing and stick in my inside pocket, you ask? Well, now you can with the Folding Travel Bag, a spacious bag that can roll up like a newspaper when empty.

Created by Manufactum, not only does it let you take the metro without a bag in your hand, you can use it to swat flies too. It’s also especially convenient when you need to stop by the grocery on the way home. Just pull up the bag from your pocket, unfold it and dump in that week-long supply of microwave dinners while paying at the counter. Yeaaaahhh…. even wise guys love that macaroni and cheese.

The Folding Travel Bag measures 67 x 48 cm when unfurled, making it big enough to fit a load of stuff and small enough to be classified as hand luggage at the airport. Yes, you can hand-carry it on the flight to Uncle Vinny’s basement in Alaska, your backup plan in case the cops start trying to pin last week’s bank job on you.

Made from tough linen, it should hold up to daily deliveries just fine, as well as the occasional use as a self-defense weapon. Features include vegetable-tanned leather straps (adjustable in length up to 73cm), brass buckles and brass zip. Plus, it looks mighty classy too.

By the way, the Folding Travel Bag is made from Italy, so Uncle Vinny won’t be disappointed to see you carrying it when you turn up at his door. Because we all know Alaska is in Italy.  Price is around $200.