Food Huggers Seal In Your Leftover Fruits And Veggies

Sometimes, you just need to use half the onion for your meatsauce, but you end up using the whole thing because the remaining half will end up just spoiling.  Same goes for a lot of fruits and vegetables you use everyday.  The Food Hugger looks to change that by extending the life of your leftover produce.

Created by Adrienne McNicholas and Michelle Ivankovic, it’s a set of silicone caps that you can use to cover up the exposed part of a vegetable or fruit, tightly sealing it in.  That way, that half of the tomato you didn’t use will remain perfectly fresh when you use it for cooking the next day.

The Food Hugger comes in four different sizes, so it can fit varying sizes of fruits and vegetables.  Since it’s made from stretchy silicone, even slightly larger objects and oblong-shaped items can be sealed in with a snug fit to boot.  Not only will it lock in freshness, it will lock in odor, too, so the fridge doesn’t have to smell like onions when you put in that leftover half for use in tomorrow’s dish.  According to the product page, the Food Hugger can keep fruits and veggies fresh for up to a week if combined with proper refrigeration, so it’s downright awesome.  They’re compact, too, so they shouldn’t take up much extra space in a crowded fridge.

To use, just press the cut side of the fruit or vegetable to the accessory’s opening, making sure the rim stretches around the edges.  Oh yeah, it also works for resealing canned items, so you can eat just half the Gourmet Canned Food and cover the can back up for next time.

As of now, the Food Hugger is a fully-funded Kickstarter project.  We’re not sure if you can make it in time to put in a pledge (as of writing, just a couple of days remain), but they’re selling it in sets of four, priced at $18.

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