Foodie Dice Makes What You Are Cooking For Dinner A Game Of Chance

You try to follow recipes religiously when whipping up meals in the kitchen.  For some reason, the meals never end up tasting quite like how they were supposed to.  It’s like, you might as well pull random stuff from the fridge and spice rack, then dump them into the Philips Homecooker sitting on the countertop.   The Foodie Dice should make randomly inventing recipes more fun.

A set of wooden dice, each one comes with ingredients rather than dots, printed on their sides.  When planning dinner, simply roll a few dice and combine whatever results come up into a new Frankenstein meal.

The current roster of Foodie Dice consists of 13 different bones, each one comprised of a specific category of ingredients.  Categories include cooking methods, meat types, grains, herbs, seasonal veggies (a different dice for every season), vegetarian protein sources, spices, dessert, and a couple of wildcard categories for ingredients that don’t appear on the others.  The collection can combine for hundreds of thousands of potential recipes, all while being comprehensive enough that you can use it even when you’re engaged in more restrictive diet practices, like vegetarian and paleo.

Each die is made from wood, making it look like it was cut out of those thick cutting boards that butchers use, with the ingredients laser-etched onto the sides.   Seriously, this can make for some interesting recipes.  We won’t dare make assumptions about the taste, of course, but we’ll leave dealing with that up to you.

Originally a Kickstarter project, Foodie Dice is now a full-fledged retail product.  Dice sets are available from the website now, with prices starting at $16.

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