Foosball Coffee Table: Set Your Drink, Put Your Feet Up, Play A Quick Game

Ever thought about scoring a foosball table, but can’t find the space in your house for it?  Trade in the four-legged slab in your living room for a Foosball Coffee Table and your dilemma is instantly solved.

A functional coffee table, it’s decked with a wooden frame and a sturdy glass surface for setting both old magazines and smelly feet on.  What sets it apart, of course, is the hollowed-out inside panel, which houses a full-featured, albeit smaller-sized, foosball game.  Measuring 47.5 x 28 x 20 inches and brandishing classic furniture aesthetics, it marries just the right size and looks to make for an attractive piece in any living area.

The Foosball Coffee Table comes in a solid poplar wood case and frame, topped with a tempered glass surface.  It uses three rods on either side to manage each team’s forwards, mid-fielders and defenders, with grip provided by handcrafted, solid wood handles.  Playing field is clad in offset light and dark hardwood veneers, with the players molded out of polypropylene material (color-coded in red and blue, respectively).   Both ends of the table are fitted with wooden beads for scoring and a ball return slot dressed in stainless steel.

Play foosball, set your beer and put your feet up, all on a single home furniture.  If you can manage the acrobatics, you can even do all three things at the same time.  How practical is that?

Letting you take a break from your Xbox Live game to engage in a classic tabletop battle without getting up from the couch, the Foosball Coffee Table is available for a rather pricey $599.95.

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