Turn Your Desk Into A Game Table With These Foosball Erasers

Boss never listens to your never-ending petition to buy a foosball table for the office?  Yeah, game rooms don’t really exist when you work in a place that isn’t a tech office — they reserve that for places where employees spend 16 hours a day in the joint.  But, alas, don’t despair.  You can now turn any workspace into a mini-foosball game with these glorious Foosball Erasers.

Styled like the football men on a regulation foosball table, it comes with holes on the sides that let you insert it on a rod to keep those little rampaging balls from scoring in your goal.  Just find a box to set the rods up on, glue a couple of red plastic cups on each end for the goals, and drop a round candy to serve as the ball — instant foosball table.

In case doing that attracts too much attention (you’re still supposed to be working), you can alternatively set up these Football Erasers on a pencil, making them kick a ball straight down onto the cable passthrough on the back of your table.  And they’re real erasers, too, so you can tell the boss you’re not just keeping them on the desk for playing — you actually use them to erase all the nasty stuff you write on your memo pad about him.  It comes in sets of two (one blue, one red), so you can immediately hold head-to-head battles with your cubicle neighbor.  Each one measures 3.2 x 1 x 1 inches (h x w x d).

Designed by Mike Vaiksaar, the Foosball Erasers are available from Suck UK, priced at £7.50.

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