Upgrade Your Foosball Men Into Foosball Stormtroopers


Stormtroopers need a break from protecting the Empire, too. While we’re not entirely sure what they do in their downtime, we imagine it’s probably not that far from how the rest of us do: have a drink, dive into our hobbies, or play a little sports to shake out the stresses of the day. If you ever wanted to see stormtroopers duke it out in a football field, now you can with these Foosball Stormtrooper Helmets, which turns erstwhile boring foosball men into the elite soldiers of the Galactic Empire.

Designed by Youmagine user “excite,” it’s a 3D-printed clip-on helmet that transforms every boring, generic player on your foosball table into an Imperial stormtrooper. That way, you can block shots, score goals, and make passes with the same merciless brutality the elite soldiers enforce the Galactic Empire’s doctrine. Or something like that.


If you have access to a 3D printer, simply download the Foosball Stormtrooper Helmet design files and start cranking out your foosball add-ons, making sure to do two sets in different colors so you can have appropriately-colored opposing squads. From there, you simply add any modification you like, such as drawing lines and shading the eyes to accentuate the buckethead aesthetic. Do note, this one is specifically designed for Sportcraft’s line of foosball tables, so if you use another brand or a special luxury foosball table, you might have to make adjustments, depending on the size and shape of the player heads they use.


Check out the Foosball Stormtrooper Helmet project on Youmagine.

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