Use The Foot Hammock To Relax Your Posture While Dealing With The Stresses Of Work


When you sit at home, do you use an ottoman or the coffee table to stretch your legs? Of course, you do, it feels incredibly relaxing. So why not do the same at work when trying to be productive while minimizing your stress? We’re guessing that’s the idea behind this Foot Hammock, which mounts under the desk, waiting to cradle your tired feet for the entirety of the day.

A miniature hammock sized to hold feet, it lets you stretch those legs out the way you do when chilling in the living room, allowing you to relax your posture even while taking on the most frustrating tasks. Not only can you stretch out, you can sway your feet back and forth just like in a regular hammock, too, ensuring those with restless legs can get their fidgeting fix even with both feet raised.


Instead of tying to the desk legs like a standard hammock would require, the Foot Hammock comes with hooks that attach to the bottom of the tabletop using an adhesive backing, so you can set it up at the exact position you want. It’s adjustable, too, with options for loosening and tightening the hammock straps, as well as repositioning the hooks (just pry it off with a thin tool and re-mount).

Construction is either mesh or fleece for the hammock, with electric heated option for the latter, so you won’t just get to stretch out your legs, the darn thing will keep your feet toasty, too. The hammock itself measures 3 x 2 feet (w x l).

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Foot Hammock. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $20.

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