Forearm Forklift Lets You Lift 700 Pounds

Moving big furniture is something we all need to do occasionally, whether for moving, rearranging or just doing general cleaning around the house.  Unfortunately, not all of us are equipped with the kind of strength required to lift those heavy items, so we’d either have to hire help or bribe our friends to help us out.  Not the case with the Forearm Forklift.

Apparently, this thing has been around north of a decade, which means I’ve just spent the last ten or so years unnecessarily making life harder on myself every time I move the couch, rearrange the bedroom or  perform some other type of heavy lifting.  If you haven’t heard of it before, then you’re the same way, so let’s high-five and do a facepalm together.

The Forearm Forklift are lifting straps that are worn around the forearm, giving you additional leverage when carrying heavy items.  When worn, each pair of the 9-foot-4-inch straps will support weights of up to 700 pounds, allowing two people to carry heavy items that would normally take four or more people.  It’s made from heavy-duty nylon and are adjustable up to 48 inches.

Granted, the way you lift with these things make them ideal for use only on flat surfaces, likely making for some serious trouble when moving things up a staircase.  Still, with the amount of weight your puny physique can carry wearing this thing, it’s like a superhero level of boost in strength.

Amazon has the Forearm Forklift available, priced at $13 a pair.