Forgetful Gentleman’s Elephant Cards Help You Look More Thoughtful And Masculine At The Same Time


Forgot Mother’s Day, your girlfriend’s birthday and your bestfriend’s stag party all on the same week?  You need to be more thoughtful, fellow.  In case doing so is a struggle, let us steer you to something that could help – the Forgetful Gentleman’s Elephant Cards.

What exactly is it?  It’s a packaged set of letter-writing solutions that are designed to make sending personalized notes and greetings easier for you.  Yes, you can use it even if you’ve never written a single Happy Birthday card in your life (don’t worry, neither have a lot of us).

Elephant Cards contain cards and stationeries meant to deliver various greetings, all sporting masculine designs (let’s face it, those girly designs found in bookstores and gift stores are just lame).  Each set contains different pre-printed greetings (such as Happy Birthday, Thinking Of You, Thank You and more), along with blank cards and matching envelopes.   It also comes with bundled postage, so you don’t have to worry about scrounging up stamps when sending stuff via mail.

If your biggest problem is remembering birthdays and anniversaries, they got you covered too.  An event reminder system for customers sends emails and text messages every time a new occasion to send one of the cards is about to come up.  If you still forget to send it after that, you need to hire a bodyguard to put a gun to your head!

To help you with crafting a decent note to go along with your card, each set comes with “A Forgetful Gentleman’s Guide To Articulate Writing,”  which attempts to impart the finer points of concocting an impressive message.  Of course, you can always just do what I do – perform a Google search and copy it.  Works like a charm.

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