Form-A-Funnel Is A Draining Tool That You Can Mold And Shape At Will


Just because having multiple tools for transferring fluids is pretty common in most garages, it doesn’t mean you have to equip yours the same way. In fact, you can get away having just one with Form-A-Funnel, a draining tool that you can mold into whatever shape you need for a job at hand.

Made by New Pig, it’s a tool for changing oil, draining fluids, and whatever other jobs you can think of that requires transferring items from one container to another. The ability to be molded allows users to create custom spill-proof shapes that guide the flow of fluids from one receptacle to another without creating a mess.


Tested to reshape and reuse for thousands of times (they claim it’s as good as new after 6,000 bends during torture tests), the Form-A-Funnel is made from bendable aluminum alloy, allowing it to hold firm while being ductile enough to be easily fashioned into nearly anything. It’s coated with a pliable nitrile rubber surface that allows fluids and other materials to slide off quickly without leaving much residue, with the ability to withstand temperatures between -30 degrees F and 425 degrees F. Cleaning is as simple as wiping down with a wet rag.


When unshaped, the tool takes on a semi-rectangular form that tapers towards the end (making it easy to store), with plenty of possibilities for reshaping, whether as a regular funnel, a winding slide, or whatever other shape of transfer tool is required. It comes in multiple sizes to accommodate different types of applications: small for gardening, medium for garages, large for heavy-duty automotive work, and a narrow-shaped variant for aviation equipment and very tight spaces.

The Form-A-Funnel is available now, priced starting at $13.99.

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