Forti Goods Eleanor Is A Storage Cabinet For Sophisticated Stoners

There was a time when stoners lived in dirty apartments, slept on floor mattresses, and kept their herbs in shoe boxes inside the closet. At least, that was the image. With weed now legal in many states and its “medical” uses having evolved to be socially acceptable, maybe it’s time to give that stoner image a much-deserved makeover. You know, maybe they can live in a nicer apartment, sleep on an actual bed, and stash their herbal medication in something a little more secure. Something like the Forti Goods Eleanor, a cabinet designed specifically for the MMJ crowd.

No, it’s not a cabinet painted with a large cannabis leaf outside. There’s no High Times logo anywhere on it, either. Instead, it looks just like any storage cabinet for home use, making it a piece of furniture you can easily integrate into bedrooms, living rooms, and other spaces in the house.

The Forti Goods Eleanor is a four-door storage furniture, with one three-shelf cabinet on the left side and three evenly-sized drawers on the right, so you can use it to organize your stuff, regardless of what you plan to stash inside. It’s made entirely from wood with brass hardware, so it feels a lot like traditional home furnishing, with a rather conventional design that should blend in easily with most any home interior. The top drawer comes with a locking mechanism that, the outfit claims, has a strong-enough latch to protect those overpriced bags of smoking products you got from the dispensary, with no integrated key hole, either, so your little nephews who come to visit every weekend won’t be able to pick the lock and mess with your stash.

So how do you open the locking drawer? Via a companion app, which activates the integrated motor to disengage the steel jaws that hold the door in place. And yes, the app can connect with the lock via both Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, so you can use Bluetooth when you’re in the room or use Wi-Fi to open it for your brother when you’re out of the house.

Need more than one drawer to hold all your weed and all its accompanying supplies? Not a problem, Joe Rogan, as you can request for the Forti Goods Eleanor to get those same motorized locks on any of the other drawer and cabinet doors, so you can use the whole thing as a secure storage space if that is what your medical condition requires.

Won’t the whole thing reek? According to the outfit, each of the three drawers have replaceable carbon filters that should absorb any of the odors emanating from your bags of herbal medication, allowing you to keep your weed in a secure place without easily giving away its location because people can smell it the moment they enter your front door. Do note, the cabinet doesn’t have the same carbon filter, so you may want to use it for storing other non-organic items, such as your bong, pothead multi-tool, and multi-function smoke bowl.

The Forti Goods Eleanor is available now, priced starting at $3,250.

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