Fossil Makes A Play For Smart Watches With Their Meta Watch

I never found the need for a smart watch, given that my even smarter phone is usually just a reach away.  Still, there’s something intriguing about getting email notifications and weather information on your wrist, so companies keep trying to make the first big leap in this category.  Here’s the latest to make a play for your attention: the Fossil Meta Watches.

Two models are available: one digital and one analog.  The digital model has a 96 x 96 pixel reflective display (monochrome), with the various updates, notices and applications taking up the screen space.  The analog version, on the other hand, comes bearing a standard watch dial, with two 16 x 80 pixel OLED displays on the top and bottom of the face showing digital updates.

Both Fossil Meta Watch models can interact with your phone over Bluetooth, although apps will likely need to be customized for each watch/smartphone pairing using the available SDK.  No word on what kind of apps will be available to early buyers, but you probably should expect the most basic.

Each timepiece features a 3ATM water resistant stainless steel case, a mineral glass cover  and leather strap.  Aside from the Bluetooth controller, various electronics make their way inside, including a low-power processor, an accelerometer, an ambient light sensor, a vibrating  motor and a rechargeable battery good for 7 days of use on a full charge.

We’re not sure how many people are really interested in a smart watch.  Given that companies keep trying, we’re guessing market research is showing some enticing numbers. According to the press release, Meta Watch should be available in July 2011 with pre ordering starting May 9th. Fossil Meta Watches are expected to sell at $200 each.

[Press Release, Pre order link]