Fotel Shifts From A Rocking Chair To An Armchair In 20 Seconds


Your chair may be comfy, but does it feature transforming capabilities? That’s where the Fotel easily edges your favorite sitting apparatus out, as it’s able to convert from a cosy armchair to a relaxing rocker in the span of 20 seconds – without summoning robotic powers to do it.

Created by Hungarian designer Peter Vardai, the Fotel is a brilliantly-designed chair that serves its two purposes without having to undergo any complex transmogrification. In fact, the conversion is as easy as can be, as you simply have to lift the seat up, turn the chair over and plop the seat back in.

The inventive convertible chair features a pretty impressive body too. Carbon fiber was the material of choice for the frame to make it as sturdy as possible, while keeping it reasonably light. The actual seat, on the other hand, uses elastic bands that let it conform to your body shape, allowing you to feel extremely comfortable while sitting down.

Judging from its looks, the Fotel is geared for use on outdoor areas of the house, such as a patio or a front porch. It’s currently a concept prototype and isn’t likely to hit production soon. Why, you say?

As clever as the transformation is, it does present one serious problem: that armrest will get dirty once you turn it over (the armrest of the rocking chair becomes the foot of the armchair, and vice versa), which means you’ll have to wipe it off some before dropping your arms in there. If Peter can find a way to remedy that, I’m sure there’s little else to hinder this from coming to market.