Fotobit Lets You Easily Build Sweet Looking Wall Mounted Photo Mosaics

There’s no shortage of framing options for mounting photographs and prints up a wall.  So much so that you really have to question whether we need another.  Despite that, we can’t help but be fans of Fotobit’s expandable frame system.

Sized to hold a 4 x 4 print, it makes an ideal frame for showcasing printouts of your favorite Instagram photos.  Of course, hanging a sole 4 x 4 print up an empty wall doesn’t sound like a great way of dressing up the space and that’s where the “expandable” part comes in.

Once you have a Fotobit mounted, it can serve as a base for adding other Fotobits, employing an integrated clip system that lets you easily attach frames by snapping their edges together.  This, theoretically, allows you to cover up an entire wall with prints, all while mounting just a single frame.  Heck, you can probably put a couple of frames on the floor and use them as base for a standing mosaic of photo frames, making for an ideal decorating solution if you’re not allowed to drive screws up the wall of your rented digs.

Aside from creating a beautiful grid of photographs, you can also use the 4.25 x 4.25 inch frames to create tiled displays, framing colorful paper or cut-up large photographs to add unique accents to your space.  Construction is ABS plastic with a matte eggshell texture finish for the frame, with the glazing cut in clear acrylic.

Currently, Fotobit is running a Kickstarter campign, with pledges to reserve a pack of three starting at $30.

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