Fragmenta Showcases Photographs That Are Cut Up And Rearranged Into An Abstract Form


Sometimes, a photograph can be dramatic all on its own. Other times, it becomes even more powerful when tinkered with. We have a feeling the latter’s the case with Fragmenta, a collection of images that are cut up and rearranged onto a canvas to turn out something entirely new.

Made by photographer and artist Micaela Lattanzia, the work showcases photographs cut up in a variety of shapes, with each cutout pinned onto a new canvas to create the finished work. In some pieces, she combines the different cutouts of the same photo, putting it together in fragmented form; in others, she combines multiple photographs to create something entirely different from the original images.


The pieces in Fragmenta appear to involve mostly portraits and hand photographs, which the artist systematically cuts up and combines in a variety of ways. She puts together multiple hands, for instance, to create ornate patterns on one piece, then combines two portrait shots of the same person to create a juxtaposition of the two images in another. One appears to depict a person leaving fragments of herself behind, while another combines multiple fragments to create an abstract piece. And, yes, some of them look like heads breaking apart after an alien tractor beam was used on them by invading extra-terrestrial forces.


Check out the rest of the pieces in Lattanzia’s Fragmenta from her website.


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