Francesco Sillitti’s Smoker Lets You Cold-Smoke Meat Before Cooking


Because you’ve been reading too many food blogs again, you’ve suddenly decided you want to try cold-smoking your food. Except, once you started shopping for equipment, you realized most of them are designed for big batches of smoked meat, rather than single-serve quantities for folks who just read too many food blogs and want to experiment in the kitchen. Well, maybe the Smoker by Francesco Sillitti is going to suit you better.

Designed for cold-smoking small quantities of meat, it lets you give tonight’s dinner (and, maybe, tomorrow’s leftover) a little extra flavor without having to an invest in a big, bulky equipment that you’ll probably end up using less-frequently than your membership at the local gym. Whether you want to add a touch of smoke to a piece of salmon, a few cuts of pork tenderloin, or a juicy slab of steak, this thing should do it while taking up minimal space in your home.


Smoker by Francesco Sillitti consists of a two-part ceramic dish with a bottom unit for the food item and a bowl-shaped lid that serves as the smoker. To use, place your meat on the bottom dish, put your sawdust on the central area at the top of the lid, light it up, and cover. Pre-cut holes around the sawdust chamber allows smoke to make its way to the food items below, with the flames kept away from the meat, so they’re not cooked at the same time. Since this is designed for home use, no need to smoke for hours and hours either – just a single combustion and few minutes should be enough to give any food a pleasant, smoky taste.


Available now, the Smoker by Francesco Sillitti is priced at €48. Alternatively, you can go for a Smoking Gun if you prefer an even simpler way of imparting smoky flavors.

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