Here’s A Frankenstein Light Switch For Your Mad Scientist Lab


There’s no good reason why any normal person will want to make his home look like Dr. Frankenstein’s lab. But you’re not that normal and you totally want to outfit your abode like it’s dedicated to the practice of mad science. If that’s the case, then you absolutely have to replace all your light switches with this Frankenstein Light Switch.

Created by Etsy shop 3D Printing Egg, it’s a light switch designed to resemble those archaic-looking switches that they pulled down in old horror movies in order to activate a nefarious machine that uses up a lot of energy, sending all the lights flickering in the room and creating plenty of smoke. Rather than triggering the Frankenstein machine, though, this device installs in place of a regular switch plate, turning the lights on and off with an ominous pull and push on the handle.


The Frankenstein Light Switch is made from 3D-printed plastic parts, which sort of dampens the archaic effect, but definitely heightens the homebrewed mad scientist aesthetic. It’s designed to fit standard light switches, with no modifications necessary, so you can simply turn off the main power supply, take out the existing plate, and swap this in. From there, you just operate the lights like you’re powering up a dangerous machine in the lab, screaming “It’s alive” every time the bulb lights up and illuminates the room. And, yes, this thing will be perfect when you’re outfitting a haunted house, too.


Available with one, two, or three switches, the Frankenstein Light Switch is priced at $9.99, $14.99, and $19.99, respectively.

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