Freak Mask Lets You Put Any Face On A Balaclava And It Looks Horrifying

If you want a realistic-looking mask in the likeness of any person in the world, your best bet is probably to hire Hyperflesh, the outfit that creates those amazing¬†Baby Masks. Not in your budget? Join the club. For the rest of us, I have a feeling we’ll do well enough wearing these Freak Masks instead.

Made by Firebox, it’s utterly simple. Just a lycra hood that covers you entire face with cutouts around the eyes. That’s it. The trick is in the high-res personalized print, which makes it look like you tore off someone’s face and wore it over your own, Hannibal-style. Seriously, it’s creepy.

These Freak Masks should work great for anything: Halloween, cosplay, robbing banks, creeping out mom, stripping your clothes on Snapchat while wearing a Miley Cyrus face, and anything else in between. To get one, simply upload a high-res photo of yourself or someone whose mug you’d like to wear over at the product page (minimum 500KB) and order it for printing. Firebox recommends using a high-res solo shot where the face is clearly in focus and forward-facing, with a plain background. The balaclava can maintain the integrity of the print for over 100 washes (considering you never wash your headwear, it will probably last forever — albeit, in smelly fashion). Oh yeah, the material is stretchy, so it’s one size fits all.

Firebox has the Freak Masks available now, priced at £24.95.

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