If Jurassic World Had A Chinese Restaurant, These Munchtime Chopsticks Will Be The Culinary Utensil Of Choice


Chopsticks are a whole lot of annoying to use when you’re not quite well-versed in the art of the traditional culinary utensil from East Asia. It’s why you’re going to have a hard time getting kids to use them when you decide to use the Sushi Bazooka to make sushi dinner at home. If your kids love dinosaurs, though (and all kids love prehistoric monsters), we have a feeling they’ll be more amenable to the Munchtime.

Described as “chomping chopsticks,” the Chinese takeout staple comes with the familiar head of a Tyrannosaurus Rex at the end that opens and closes its mouth whenever you pick up a dim sum, dip it in soy sauce, and release it into your mouth. That means, it’s going to make a chomping motion while you make your own chomping motions on those pork dumplings, spare ribs, and spring rolls.


Unlike traditional chopsticks, Munchtime is designed to be used with no learning curve, using a spring mechanism to allow even complete novices to keep a firm grasp on food, whether they’ve got noodles, tempura, or chocolate bites on their plate. And, yes, your kid can totally use the T-Rex to grab at food, although they’ll have to use two hands to pull the sticks apart like a pair of pliers – not exactly convenient, but probably a lot of fun. Plus, you can use it to hold your very own Jurassic Park puppet show after dinner is over. Construction is food-safe ABS plastic.

Made by Fred and Friends, Muchtime is priced at $6.

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