Odor Eraser: Finally, Steel Soaps Find Their Real Identity


I’ve always thought stainless steel soaps needed a different name. I mean, they remove nasty odors from your hands and all, but they don’t really quite clean you the way your beloved bacon soap does. Leave it to the folks at Fred and Friends to finally come up with a more appropriate name and shape for the odor-neutralizing object: Odor Eraser.

Clad in the familiar likeness of those rubber erasers everybody used in school, it looks like an actual eraser that you can use to erase mistakes on the illustration you’re drawing on a sketch pad. Except, of course, it’s actually steel soap that you can use to obliterate any annoying odor that sticks in your hands, whether during cooking, housework, or just eating a big, fat slab of durian on a dare.


Just like other steel soaps, you simply rub the Odor Eraser under running water to get rid of any lingering smell from fish, garlic, turpentine, or whatever the heck you’ve been handling all morning. The eraser shape actually gives it added function, with the edge able to scrape off any dirt or debris under your nails. Plus, you have to admit, it looks more badass than your usual pebble-shaped steel soaps.

Dimensions are 3.46 x 1.18 x 0.59 inches (h x d x w), so you can keep it along the side of the sink with no problem. Designed by Liz Goulet Dubois, it’s made from brushed stainless steel.

Slated to join Fred and Friends’ Fall 2015 product collection, the Odor Eraser is priced at $10.

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